“Schantz” is a glowing new gateway for Kettering, OH

Our “Schantz” project for Kettering, OH, now in final construction, adds a new gateway beacon to the northern entrance to the city. The patterned fence serves two purposes: as a unique piece of site-specific art and as a functional bridge barrier.

The light tower functions as a vertical way finding element; an exclamation point in the site standing in contrast to the horizontally curving fencing.

The lighting is integral to the design. These pictures were taken by Debra Rettich, of Vincent Lighting Systems, who managed the lighting.

The open cut metal patterning both catches and reveals the illumination pouring up the column making a dramatic display of light and shadow.

The material thickness of the cut metal pattern panels catches the light on its edges outlining the circles and curves of the patterning.

The outside faces of the bridge, overlooking the roadway below, are awash in bright light creating a gateway beacon in the landscape.

The juxtaposition of the brightly lit outsides of the screens and the darker, light-outlined insides established a hierarchy of space and a sense of place.

Both sides of the bridge hold illuminated pattern screens transforming the entire site into a work of art, viewable from all angles.

Team Credits:

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks

Alexandr Polzin

IBI Group


City of Kettering