Arlington Boulevard Part 3: Completion

18.02.09_AR_Day 3

The bridge in context, Arlington beyond.

Arlington Boulevard, represents two important developments for Vicki Scuri SiteWorks. First, the concrete, as discussed in Part 1, manifests the culmination of the process used for creating patterned 3D relief for walls and surfaces. Vicki Scuri SiteWorks’ first concrete patterning projects used readymade physical objects as the basis for mold making, a process seen in this post. Vicki even patented this pioneering technique.

18.02.09_AR_Day 1

A composition of steel and concrete.

Our work keeps pace with developing technology, moving from using tire-treads, rocks and rope to small carved objects and, eventually, to fully digitally designed and carved panels. We built upon the knowledge gained from the early work to inform the techniques used on the later work, all while pushing for a more realized creative vision. Arlington demonstrates this with its intricately detailed lyrical patterns.

18.02.09_AR_Day 2

Vicki Scuri has an up-close moment with the wall patterning.

The second key development is the use of illuminated laser-cut metal pattern grills across the bridge spans. This innovative application, discussed in Part 2, stands as one of the first examples of its kind. We adapted the laser-cutting technique from our Eight Mile Road project, elevating it with unique placement and lighting, helping to establish the Arlington project as a cornerstone of our current work.

18.02.09_AR_Night 2

The bridge glows as a beacon in its site.

This project is not only a hallmark of our work, it sets a precedent for Public Art generally. The quality of this ground breaking project has been widely recognized. Arlington received numerous accolades including: 2015 Design Arlington Merit Award, 2015 CODAawards Top 100, and “Honor Awardee” 2014-2015 ACEC/MW Engineering Excellence Awards. It was published in Government Engineering, Architecture DC, Scott System Informer, and on the Phillips Lighting Blog.

18.02.09_AR_Night 3

The color changing LED lighting transforms the bridge span.

However, the most important award we could ever receive is the recognition of the public. Hearing how the public appreciates a project is a distinct honor. Arlington inspired one of our favorite responses. It is from Ray, a citizen of Arlington, who wrote:

“Your work in Arlington is beautiful. Thank you. It’s a soothing tonic in what can only otherwise be called a grueling and thankless commute home – until now. It just made me smile when I saw it. This is what public art should do. “

18.02.09_AR_Night 1

The silhouetted grills provide dramatic patterning.

The Arlington project improves the site for the public in many ways. The new roadway bridges allow for better movement of local traffic. The project provides a dedicated path for public use by linking up local pedestrian and bike trails. Finally, it is a creative place making identity beacon, a new landmark for the community.

18.02.09_AR_Night 4

This project serves as a public amenity.

Team Credits:

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks

Alexandr Polzin

AECOM Transportation


Arlington County