South Bellevue Station: Acoustic Panel Prototypes

The acoustic panels for the sound barrier along the guideway of the South Bellevue Station are clad in an aesthetic treatment that uses color and pattern to create a sophisticated gesture in the site. As part of the process, we developed prototypes that serve as a proof of concept and as a guide for the final work. The two foot square prototypes show a small portion of one of the six by four foot panels. The final design uses five of these panels and their rotations to create a ten unit template. The template is expressed in seven distinct color combinations; each combination is used many times.

Sound Transit 1

The seven color combinations shown in prototype.

The complete set of prototypes, seen above and below, shows the color transitions that will occur across the span. These are small samples of one of ten larger panels. The ten unit templates repeat many times. This means the color sequence will be spaced out across the length of the span, easing the transitions, making a graceful expression.

Sound Transit 2

Alexandr Polzin and Vicki Scuri with the complete set of prototypes.

The panels use repeated patterns systems of thee color layers. By changing the colors on each layer incrementally across the panels, the pattern gains variation without too much added complexity. The panels use the principles of pointillism to blend and combine, creating depth of color and space on a flat surface. The colors relate to the seasons.

Sound Transit 9

At the center of the station, the colors are bright autumn hues.

Sound Transit 8

Moving to the ends of the station, the colors relate to the end of summer.

Sound Transit 7

Coming off the station, the colors bridge spring and summer.

Sound Transit 6

Between the station and the neighboring trees, the colors represent spring foliage.

Sound Transit 5

Further down the guideway ,the colors transition into winter.

Sound Transit 4

The patterning fades out at the ends by dropping color layers.

Sound Transit 3

As the aesthetic treatment ends, the colors transition to the gray of the rest of the guideway.

Sound Transit 11

Close up details of the patterning.

The crisp color, form and edges will never be seen up close, the panels are twenty feet in the air, but they contribute to the richness of the final design. The little borders of colors combine to a level of nuance and depth to the panels. The long lasting, easy maintenance, true and crisp colors are why we chose porcelain enamel on steel.

Sound Transit 12

Vicki helps Bryan Stockdale, of Winsor Fireform, box up the prototypes.

Thanks to Bryan Stockdale and his team at Winsor Fireform for fabricating these prototypes.

Team Credits:

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks

Alexandr Polzin

Perkins & Will


Sound Transit